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Discover our places for a romantic and original
marriage proposal in Switzerland

This mountainous country, with its breathtaking landscapes, provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic marriage proposal in Switzerland.

Lake shore, Mountains, Romantic dinner

Romantic Picnic

Available throughout Switzerland
Experiences, Mountains, Unique


Zermatt - 1 Overnight stay included
Mountains, Terrace


Crans-Montana - 2 Overnight stay included

The Pod

Monthey - 1 Overnight stay included
Experiences, Mountains

Glacier 3000

Glacier 3000 - Private venue

Les Entremetteuses Swiss, with their extensive expertise, have meticulously selected destinations for you that are not only stunning but also emotionally charged. Whether it’s a terrace with a jaw-dropping panoramic view, an elegant rooftop in the heart of a bustling city, an alpine chalet nestled amidst nature, or a poetic private yacht on a shimmering lake, our romantic places for an original marriage proposal in Switzerland are designed to evoke dreams and passion.

Les Entremetteuses Swiss also ensure that each chosen location is one-of-a-kind, offering both an authentic and intimate ambiance, conducive to a romantic marriage proposal in Switzerland. Each place holds a story, and we invite you to add your own, turning a simple proposal into a magical moment forever etched in your hearts. So, let yourself be charmed by these exceptional spots we have chosen with special care, and make your commitment a matchless moment of love and togetherness.

To enrich your experience and cater to all your desires, discover our detailed suggestions according to the seasons, promising a marriage proposal as unique as your love story.

Summer proposal

For those dreaming of an original marriage proposal in Switzerland, imagine making your proposal under the summer sky’s stars, in a bucolic setting or during a romantic private yacht getaway on the region’s lakes. The mildness of these evenings offers the perfect setting for a summer proposal, making each moment unforgettable.

Winter proposal

During this season, the country transforms into a true white paradise, offering magical backdrops for a winter proposal. Imagine a snow proposal, in the intimate setting of a chalet with views of the snow-capped peaks, or a ski proposal, sliding together towards a shared future. For a touch of adventure in Switzerland, also consider a sled dog marriage proposal : a unique moment of complicity shared in the silence of breathtaking winter landscapes.

Valentine's Day marriage proposal

A Valentine’s Day marriage proposal in Switzerland can prove to be the pinnacle of romance. Celebrate your love in the luxurious setting of a mountain hotel or during a magical flight over the majestic Alpine peaks in Switzerland for a helicopter marriage proposal.

Matterhorn marriage proposal

For those whose hearts beat for adventure, a Matterhorn marriage proposal promises to be as impressive as the love you share. This iconic monument provides a spectacular backdrop for a memorable engagement.

The Entremetteuses Swiss are here to turn your vision into reality, guiding you towards the realization of a romantic and original marriage proposal in Switzerland, no matter the experience you wish to create. Each season, each place holds the promise of an exclusive moment, making your proposal an eternal chapter of your love story.