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Discover our best romantic places for a marriage proposal in Switzerland

This mountainous country, with its breathtaking landscapes, provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic marriage proposal in Switzerland.

The Entremetteuses, with their extensive expertise, have meticulously selected destinations for you that are not only stunning but also emotionally charged. Whether it’s a terrace with a jaw-dropping panoramic view, an elegant rooftop in the heart of a bustling city, an alpine chalet nestled amidst nature, or a poetic cruise on a shimmering lake, our romantic places for a marriage proposal in Switzerland are designed to evoke dreams and passion.

Mountains, Unique


Crans-Montana, French Switzerland

The Pod

Monthey, French Switzerland

Glacier 3000

Les Diablerets, French Switzerland
Rooftops, Unique

The Penthouse

Lausanne, French Switzerland

Golf terrace

Pont-la-Ville, French Switzerland

The Entremetteuses Swiss also ensure that each chosen location is one-of-a-kind, offering both an authentic and intimate ambiance, conducive to a romantic marriage proposal in Switzerland. Each place holds a story, and we invite you to add your own, turning a simple proposal into a magical moment forever etched in your hearts. So, let yourself be charmed by these exceptional spots we have chosen with special care, and make your commitment a matchless moment of love and togetherness.