Organisateur de demande en mariage en Suisse

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From 350.- CHF


Available throughout Switzerland

Seal the enchanting moment of your marriage proposal with our bespoke photoshoot service, accessible throughout Switzerland.

Whether you dream of proposing atop a majestic mountain, beside a crystal-clear lake, or amidst the historic charm of a city, our team of seasoned photographers stands ready to immortalize each moment of your special day.

We offer a diverse array of unique locations and skilled photographers, ensuring you find the perfect match for your vision.

Allow us to assist you in creating indelible memories for this pivotal moment in your life.


  • Organization of your photoshoot: To plan your photoshoot, please contact us specifying the city where you’d like it to take place, as well as the preferred date. We will then provide you with an available photographer for the occasion.

Additional options:

Photoshoot with Romantic Decor for Your Marriage Proposal:

  • Planner to Organize The Big Day & On-Site Planner: We offer our services as marriage proposal planners to organize your special day, along with an on-site planner to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Venue Selection: Explore our curated collection of private and public locations to find the perfect setting for your marriage proposal photoshoot.
  • Decor: Share your vision, and together, we’ll create the romantic and unique ambiance you desire for this special occasion.
  • Photographer Selection: Choose from our team of professional photographers the one whose style best captures the essence of your love.

Additional Options Available, with or without Romantic Décor:

  • Videographer: Prices vary depending on the videographers, please contact us for more information.
  • Bouquet of 20 Roses: $150
  • Champagne: $40

The location: