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Romantic restaurants in Zurich

Restaurants Zurich

Whether it’s for a romantic evening or a special celebration, Zurich is brimming with restaurants offering intimate atmospheres, delicious cuisine, and memorable experiences for couples. Here’s our selection of the best restaurants in Zurich where you can enjoy a romantic evening with your partner :

Romantic restaurant Zurich

Die Waid

Perched on a hill overlooking Zurich, Die Waid offers a spectacular panoramic view of the city. This traditional Swiss restaurant serves refined cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. Saturday nights are often reserved for special events, so opt for other weekdays for a quieter experience.

Address: Waidbadstrasse 45, 8037 Zurich

Price: $$$-$$$$

Die Waid restaurant

Restaurant Helvetia

Located in the heart of Zurich, Restaurant Helvetia offers contemporary Swiss cuisine in an elegant and romantic setting. Thursday nights are perfect for a quieter experience, with fewer crowds and a more intimate atmosphere. The house specialty is Hackbraten, which is a meatloaf.

Address: Stauffacherquai 1, 8004 Zurich

Price: $$$-$$$$

Helvetia restaurant


Conti is renowned for its authentic Italian cuisine and romantic atmosphere. With its dim lighting and attentive service, it’s the perfect spot for an intimate evening with your partner. Wednesdays are usually quieter, perfect for a romantic evening without being disturbed. The recommended dish is Tagliolini with truffles.

Address: Schaffhauserstrasse 228, 8057 Zurich

Price: $$-$$$

Conti restaurant

Jules Verne Panorama Bar

Nestled atop the Urania tower, Jules Verne Panorama Bar offers a panoramic view of Zurich. Enjoy a refined cocktail and a good meal in a romantic ambiance while admiring the sparkling lights of the city. Thursday and Sunday nights are generally quieter, offering a more intimate atmosphere, but it’s still highly recommended to reserve in advance.

Address: Uraniastrasse 9, 8001 Zurich

Price: $$-$$$

Jules Verne Panorama Bar restaurant


With its innovative cuisine and high-quality local ingredients, Marktküche is an ideal choice for couples seeking a unique culinary experience. Indeed, this restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star, attesting to its gastronomic excellence. Tuesday and Thursday nights are often less crowded, allowing for a more intimate experience and increased attention from the staff.

Address: Feldstrasse 98, 8004 Zurich

Price: $$$-$$$$

Marktküche restaurant

Sign Eat & Drink

Sign Eat & Drink offers fresh and flavorful Mediterranean cuisine in an elegant and modern setting. With its warm atmosphere and attentive service, it’s an excellent choice for a romantic evening. Monday and Wednesday nights are usually quieter, ideal for a quiet romantic evening. There are many recommended dishes, but the cordon bleu stands out!

Address: Badenerstrasse 125, 8004 Zurich

Price: $$-$$$

Sign Eat & Drink restaurant


Tao’s is an award-winning gourmet restaurant that offers a variety of exquisite dishes, ranging from sushi and dim sum to Tao’s signature grill and seafood teppanyaki, to Swiss classics like steak tartare with brioche. All accompanied by an extensive selection of international wines. Thursday nights are often more peaceful, offering an intimate atmosphere and special attention from the staff. And to end the evening on a high note, head to the bar on the lower floor, where the atmosphere picks up from 11:00 pm onwards.

Address: Birchstrasse 172, 8050 Zurich

Price: $$$-$$$$

Tao’s restaurant

Whether you’re looking for a panoramic view, refined cuisine, or an intimate atmosphere, these restaurants are perfect for a romantic evening. Book your table now and get ready for an unforgettable culinary experience in Switzerland’s economic capital.

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